St Andrew's Church, Epworth, Lincolnshire

St Andrew's Church, Epworth, Lincolnshire

Epworth is a small town and civil parish in the Isle of Axholme, in the north of the county. The town lies on the A161, about halfway between Goole and Gainsborough.

Its historic Church is dedicated to Saint Andrew and the old building is located on a hill overlooking the town.

Deemed the home of Methodism, the Church is open for service and regular worship and is the centre of the thriving local community.

As the birthplace of John Wesley and Charles Wesley, it has given its name to many institutions associated with Methodism. Their father, Samuel Wesley, was the rector from 1695 to 1735.

Epworth attracts hundreds of visitors from around the world each year tracing the history of the Methodist movement.

Address St Andrew's Church
Church Street
North Lincolnshire
Telephone 01427 873790
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