Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes is a seaside resort and unparished area in the north east corner of the county, situated on the estuary of the Humber.

Historically, Cleethorpes was originally made up of three small villages. While there are neolithic and Bronze Age remains in the area, permanent occupation appears to date from the 6th century, when the Danes first arrived, with substantial communities only appearing in the 9th century.

Cleethorpes evolved as a fishing village. The early 19th century saw the first developments of the village as a health holiday resort, with sea-bathing and the taking of medicinal waters becoming fashionable. Throughout the century, the resort continued to grow and expand never more so than with the linking of the town by railway with the industrial towns of Yorkshire. Finally, it was declared an urban district and, during World War One, was renamed as Cleethorpes.

The town has much to offer for the complete day out with something for everyone. Superb long sandy beaches that stretch for miles, ideal for allowing the children to run and play and splash in the sea with parents and grandparents alike. Beyond the beachfront and promenade there are plenty of cafes and stalls to purchase food and drink and there are many things to see and do. The iconic Cleethorpes Pier, opened in the late 19th century, features a cafe, shops, a bar and restaurant and a nightclub aimed at over 21s.

For children of all ages there is the thrill and excitement of the Pleasure Island Family Theme Park offering a world of adventure with over 30 different rides ranging from slides and dodgems to the monorail and the flying chairs. There are several shows as well, a family bar and restaurant plus all required facilities such as toilets, disabled toilets, a first aid post, baby changing, a gift shop and picnic area. For parents with toddlers and younger children, or if the weather is a little on the wet and chilly side, there is the indoor attraction of Playtowers, a huge indoor play area offering hours of fun with tunnels, slides and ball pools.

One of many notable points of interest in Cleethorpes is the 15in gauge Coastal Light Railway. Built in 1948 and originally council owned, it has operated in private hands since 1990. Trains run from Kingsway station, which is next to the Leisure Centre, along a 2 mile track with views of the sea, past the museum and the Signal Box Inn, the smallest bar in the world, at Lakeside station, finishing at the new station on North Sea Lane, close to the Meridian Line car park and the Pleasure Island Family Theme Park.

For a change in pace and a dip back in history a trip to Ross Castle and The Humber Forts along the coastline is certainly worth the time.