Wolla Bank Pit Nature Reserve, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire

Wolla Bank Pit Nature Reserve, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire

South of Anderby Creek, close to the sea wall, lies the Wolla Bank Pit nature reserve, opposite the entrance to the Wolla Bank car park.

The flooded pits are a result of excavations for clay, which was needed for the repair of the sea wall following the floods in the mid fifties. There are extensive beds of reed and sea club-rush, with great reedmace, fennel pondweed, wild celery, sea arrowgrass and water-crowfoot. There are also colonies of common spotted-orchid.

Many duck visit the reserve in winter, including tufted duck, goldeneye and pochard. Bewick's and whooper swans, red-necked, slavonian and great crested grebes, purple heron and penduline tit have all occurred.

Snipe are frequent visitors in winter, when bittern and bearded tit are occasional visitors. In the breeding season, reed and sedge warblers (and occasionally grasshopper warblers), reed bunting, and great crested and little grebe all nest.

Visitors are requested not to walk round the pit to avoid disturbing wildfowl: good views can be had by walking down the short path from the road.