Grimsby Docks, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Grimsby Docks, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

The north east town of Grimsby developed around a small river called the Haven, which joined the Humber and provided a safe haven for ships on the estuary.

From the 12th century, it became a bustling dockside of imports from Europe and Scandinavia and exports from the wool mills. In the late 18th century, following the passing of an act of Parliament, the construction of new quays and the dredging of the Haven to make it deeper.

By the mid 19th century a more radical solution was needed and the foundation stone for the Royal Dock was laid. The 25 acre dock was formally opened by Queen Victoria during the second half of the 19th century.

The Grimsby Dock Tower is a hydraulic accumulator tower and is a famous maritime landmark in the county. It was completed in the mid 19th century with the purpose of containing a 30,000 UK gallon iron reservoir at a height of 200 feet to provide hydraulic power (rather than a supply of water) to the lock gates and cranes of the docks.

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