High Bridge, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

High Bridge, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

The High Bridge in the City of Lincoln is unique in England as the only bridge carrying 16th century buildings, and one of only three historic bridges carrying buildings at all.

The first stone bridge was built in the late 12th century, no doubt replacing one constructed from timber from an earlier age. It was covered during the early part of the 13th century with a platform to support a chapel dedicated to St Thomas Becket, a common design on bridges in medieval England.

Since the 14th Century the bridge has contributed to floods in Lincoln but a design by William Jessop in the 19th century to reroute the waters of the Witham through the south of the town was never implemented.

The unique features of the underside of the bridge can only be appreciated by boat, but the interior of some of the restored buildings can be enjoyed by shoppers and visitors.

A bridge has always spanned the River Witham on the site of High Bridge at least since the Roman occupation in the 1st century.

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