Newport Arch, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Newport Arch, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Reputedly the oldest arch in England with traffic flowing through it, Newport Arch is the name given to the remains of a 3rd-century Roman gate in the historic city of Lincoln.

In the 4th century Roman occupied Lincoln, known then as Lindum Colonia, became capital of the province Flavia Caesariensis and it was during this period that the arch was remodelled and enlarged.

The bastion, the semi-circular front of the western gate tower, is visible to the north-west of the arch, having been excavated in 1954. There would have been a corresponding bastion on the east side, but is now beneath premises.

The first gate on this spot was undoubtedly a 1st century timber gate of the Legionary fortress, but no trace has yet been found.

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