Lincoln Guided Photo Walks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Lincoln Guided Photo Walks, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Lincoln Guided Photo Walks are organised by Light and Dreams Photography. Visit their website or contact for any further details.

"I am a professional photographer who is passionate about promoting my beautiful hometown. To that end I offer guided walks specifically aimed at photographers, although you don’t have to be an expert by any means."

"The walks are approximately 2 hours long and usually take place on weekday evenings. During that time I will offer some tuition, aimed at your particular level of skill and experience, while taking in the major tourist sights of Lincoln."

"I also hope to show off some hidden corners and delights that are maybe not so well known. We usually meet at a central location such as The Stonebow or Castle Square, around 7pm, although timing and venues are flexible. Basically I am happy to cater for the needs of you and/or your group, let me know what you want and we’ll work something out. Is there an area of photography that you’d like to learn more about, a new creative technique to master, or maybe you just want to get away from the auto settings on your camera?"

"Although most walks stick to the uphill Historic Quarter or Brayford Pool and the city centre, we also do occasional nature walks in one of Lincoln’s many wonderful green spaces. These can be on summer evenings or weekends during the day throughout the year. I have a passion for butterflies, wildflowers and fungi, and know all the best places to find them."

"The walks are only £10 per person and I have a special offer of 5 walks for £40. Although really nasty weather can cause us to cancel, please don’t be put off by a bad forecast. Rain transforms the cobbles in Old Lincoln into magical reflective surfaces, and fog around the Cathedral, especially at night, just has to be seen to be believed."


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