The Park Gallery, Louth, Lincolnshire

The Park Gallery, Louth, Lincolnshire

Located in the historic town of Louth, the Park Gallery is reopening its doors after a dormant period, providing local artists and the community with a welcoming venue for all to enjoy. Now, art buyers have a new place to buy art.

The gallery, under the patronage and guidance of the well known local artist, James Gillick, is run and organised by his three talented and driven interns. Sophie Botsford, Patrick Guthrie and Jacqueline Del Curto have set themselves the exciting aim of enriching the local community, offering educational and cultural opportunities for all.

The modern space, in its central location, within the bounds of the pretty Spout Yard Park, offers the chance for artists and makers to exhibit and sell their work to a variety of audiences.The gallery will also be for hire. There will be shows throughout the year, giving all artists the opportunity to showcase their work at a weekly hire charge with attractive commission rates (see website for prices and further details).

The interns have plans to create a cultural hub; perfect for book clubs, philosophy groups, writing groups and much more. Art classes and tutorials, such as life drawing and craft courses, will be available for all ages and experience, with workshops for children available during the school holidays.

The gallery will also be home to ‘fusion nights’, combining and promoting local businesses.

Address The Park Gallery
Sprout Yard, Ludgate
LN11 0NW
Telephone 01507 600269
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