Victorian Bass Maltings, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Victorian Bass Maltings, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

The Bass Maltings complex opened in 1905, replacing all the small malthouses in the area.

The complex struggled to remain open during the Second World War, but survived and continued operating until 1960. It is now a Grade II listed building.

Sir Nikolaus Pevsner considered the huge brewing malthouses to be Lincolnshire's most important industrial architecture, stating in his book Buildings of England; "For sheer impressiveness, little in English architecture can equal the scale of this building."

A massive four-storey square tower is in the centre of a line of eight detached pavilions. The total frontage is nearly 1,000 feet.

Currently derelict for more than half a century, English Heritage has classified the maltings as one of the the largest at-risk buildings in England.

Nearby Sleaford is a town in the North Kesteven district of the county with a high street and notable landmarks in the vicinity.