ARK Wildlife Park, Stickney, Lincolnshire

ARK Wildlife Park, Stickney, Lincolnshire

Set in 10 acres of beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, ARK wildlife park offers a wide range of animals, offering visitors the chance to get up close with stunning exotic mammal species, amazing reptiles and some familiar friends.

Every day visitors will have the opportunity to come face to face with some of the residents in our animal encounter presentations, fall in love with skinny pigs, tickle a skunk or gain a newfound appreciation for snakes and lizards.

Some of the animal residents you can meet include, Eurasian Lynx, Kinkajous, Meerkats, Caiman, Raccoons, Chameleons, Foxes, Coatis, Civets, Tanukis, Porcupines, Iguanas, Pygmy goats, wallabies and many more.

Many of the animals at the park are rescues, who for one reason or another come to us having been neglected or mistreated, and in some cases were being kept illegally, but now have a permanent home with us and our caring team of keepers.

As well as our daily presentations, we will be running seasonal events throughout the year to ensure every visit is different.

Address Ark Wildlife Park
West Fen Lane
PE22 8BD
Telephone 07546 295977
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