The Palm Farm, Ulceby, Lincolnshire

The Palm Farm, Ulceby, Lincolnshire

The Palm Farm was launched in 1972 and at the time were pioneers in the promotion of hardy palms and exotics.

The nursery is located in and around a walled garden, orchard and paddocks of an old Hall from which it gets an air of maturity. In the last forty years many specimens of trees and shrubs have been planted for added interest and as an example of what can be grown.

After 43 years, the farm is now closed to the public but a small select amount of palms are still grown on site.

Currently, the relandscaping of grassland and wildflower meadows will provide a suitable venue for wedding and garden parties.

Address The Palm Farm
Thornton Hall Gardens
Station Rd
Thornton Curtis, Ulceby
DN39 6XF
Telephone 01469 531232
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